"Fun" Mixed media on canvas by Charlotte Olsson. 100 x 140 cm

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Artist: Charlotte Olsson

Title: "Fun"

Medium: Mixed media on canvas with 100% recycled materials

Size: 100 x 140cm

Year: 2017

Condition: Excellent

Framed: Stretched on a wood back frame

Other notes:

Charlotte Olsson is a Swedish artist devoted to three things.

Love, Joy of Life and concern about the environment.

Togheter those three passions are the foundation of Charlottes art. Champagne, hearts and joy is always there and she only ever makes original works to decrease her mark on the earth.

Her paintings is either made on canvas or materials that has previously been used. It could be an old frame she sculpts and paints again. It could be an old shelf from a factory about to be torn down or even plastic, washed from the sea.

Many times she uses old knitted textiles donated to her from homes where they used to bring joy but may not have a set place in modern living. She takes those discarded items and use it in her works.

This is mindful & groovy art for your playful senses.