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"Musical Knock-out" - Alberto Ramirez LEG

Akrylmålning på duk av Alberto Ramirez LEG - 200x130 cm. Muhammed Ali vs Liston Sydney Opera House.

130 cm
200 cm

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    Alberto Ramirez is a spanish painter who specialises in large scale portraits of famous people

    The LEG project began in Barcelona in 2005 as a result of a collaboration between Spanish artists Alberto Ramírez and David Partida.

    They got to know each other when they were nine years old, and soon became friends. As the years passed their friendship became stronger.
    In the summer of 1991 David moved to Vitoria and Alberto to Madrid. Consequently, their friendship was put on hold for about 15 years. In the meantime, Alberto returned to Madrid to continue his studies. There he became familiar with modern techniques in the world of animation and Graphic Design. In 1999, he went to live in Majorca, where he spent the following four years. During this time, Alberto acquired new skills in the art of landscape and in “everyday” life paintings. Influenced by impressionism, he painted a large quantity of urban and naturalistic paintings as he frequently visited the surrounding villages and countryside of the island. In December 2003 drawn by the new avanguard art, Alberto made his way to Barcelona, where he worked in different studios and exhibited his paintings with great success.

    In April of 2005 David moved to Barcelona and the friendship between these two friends was
    revived. David and Alberto, having previously launched their own independent art careers, decided to merge their respective talents and founded LEG

    During those first years, they worked on a large scale, the result of a frenetic painting activity which converted their canvases into a pulsating moving-picture show, bursting with energy, of Barcelona’s night life. Especially of note are the portraits of iconic 20th century personalities. These paintings brought them acclaim, both from the critics and the general public, and their fame began to spread internationally. In this period, they exhibited mostly in Northern Europe and in particular Scandinavia, where their unique way of flooding a canvas with color and light is in high demand.

    In April 2009, the duo decided to go their separate ways, in order for each artist to further develop his own take on the project.

    Alberto is currently living and working in Berlin. His work is concentrated on the portrayal of the individual in modern day society and issues of anonymity and privacy in the 21st century.



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    "Musical Knock-out" - Alberto Ramirez LEG

    "Musical Knock-out" - Alberto Ramirez LEG

    Akrylmålning på duk av Alberto Ramirez LEG - 200x130 cm. Muhammed Ali vs Liston Sydney Opera House.

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