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Tis-Fre 11-18

Lördag 11-16

Under utställningar håller vi även öppet söndagar kl 11-16


På grund av pandemin har vi tyvärr stängt vårt Stockholmsgalleri. Vi kommer istället att anordna pop-up utställningar i Stockholm framöver!


Galleri Scandinavia was founded by Inga-Lisa and Arnold Lindblom in the early days of 1972.

Today our galleries are run by Håkan, Michael and Daniel Lindblom. the second and third generation.

Arnold, already an established artist not satisfied with the representation he had. Inga-Lisa, who as a person was somewhat of a force of nature decided the best way to truly have his works in a gallery driven by passion and knowledge was to start her own.

Together they founded 'Galleri Korvetten' at första långgatan in Gothenburg, Sweden and quickly enrolled their sons Håkan and Mats in the operations.


The gallery had expanded to include numerous represented artists and begun working with bigger names in the world of art. They managed to secure a new venue, significantly larger on Berzeliigatan 14 and renamed the gallery to Galleri Scandinavia.

Both the venue and the name is still in use.


The oldest son Håkan decided to branch out and opened up Galleri Östermalm in Stockholm on Karlavägen 72a. During five years the gallery was running successfully in the capital of Sweden, working with names as Kandinsky, Miró, Bengt Lindström. James Coignard, Walasse Ting, Ardy Strüwer and many others. After the market crashed in the early 90's Håkan moved back to Gothenburg to help run the gallery operations at our main venue.


Galleri Scandinavia branched out with a separate venue specialized in glassware and sculptures in Gothenburg.


We opened Vasa Konsthall, a 400 square meter pure exhibition hall in downtown Gothenburg. Vasa Konsthall was an experimental project where we curated both commercial and non-profit exhibitions, international cultural exchanges and student-exhibitions with some of Swedens largest art schools.


Michael, following his fathers footsteps left the gallery in Gothenburg after working there for 10 years to open up his own branch of the family business in Stockholm. Since the beginning of 2018 our Stockholm venue is located at Grev Turegatan 3 in Stockholm. One of the more prestigious addresses a gallery could have in Swedens capital.

We love art, we love to work with art and try to show our passion in all we set out to do. Regardless if its representing and building an artist name, or help complete your home or office by adding value to your walls.

We hope to see you soon


Håkan Lindblom

Michael Lindblom